Vision & Mission


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and challenging academic programme that will prepare our students for a rapidly changing world and develop committed life-long learners ready for the responsibilities and expectations of global citizenship.

Our vision is to ensure a dynamic international learning community committed to:
* give students the academic skills and qualifications
needed to access university and college programme
* provide a progressive educational programme in English that
supports an enquiry based learning and is academically challenging
* expand knowledge and understanding of the world through
a systematic programme of experiential learning, leadership
training, community service and extra-curricular activities
* promote an inclusive school climate that teaches empathy,
fosters collaboration and celebrates international diversity


What we DO!

The first Cambridge International School in Kurdistan was established in 2010. Today, we have several schools providing an internationally recognised education in Kurdistan have solidly developed and tested best practices and policies.
All teaching is conducted in English by our highly qualified international and local teachers who are all proficient speakers of English. English is the language of communication not only in the classrooms but also in the corridors and the staff room promoting an international atmosphere in all our schools. The diversity of the teaching staff strongly supports the international character of our schools. CISK also teaches Kurdish and Arabic that are the official languages in Iraq.
There are two parent meetings per academic year; a parent meeting in each grade at the beginning of the academic year, and a meeting at the end of term two. Individual parent meetings are conducted whenever needed or requested by the parents.
A safe and orderly school environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn is highly promoted in our schools. Staff members dress in a professional manner and are addressed by titles such as Mr./Ms./Dr followed by their first name. Good classroom management is applied by teachers. Students line up punctually outside their classrooms in the morning. Graffiti is not tolerated anywhere and floors are kept garbage free. School toilets are kept fresh and clean. Good manners are taught such as "Yes, please" and "No, thank you". Any bullying is acted upon with the highest degree of urgency and seriousness. The principal is present, visible and alert on a daily basis to support staff members implementing these values.
Suggestions and feedback from parents are highly appreciated as we always strive to make our schools even better.


Cambridge International School - Kurdistan (CISK), is an independent private co-educational day school in Erbil that was founded in 2010. CISK provides an international education using English as the language of instruction for pupils aged 3-18 years. It is recognized for the strong sense of community and connectedness amongst students, teachers and families alike, CISK is proud of the unique and enduring sense of belonging, it promotes. CISK is committed to providing an educational program that is well-balanced, student-centered and appropriately challenging for all.


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Parents/guardians and other visitors are very welcome to visit our schools. For security reasons, all visitors must check in at the reception where they will receive a visitor’s badge. Visiting individual classrooms during class is not permitted. This is to ensure there is no interference with the delivery of lessons or disruption of the normal school environment.


Waziran, Erbil, Iraq.


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Phone: +964 750 370 2003 Phone: +964 750 370 2005