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Welcome to Our Families 
Welcome to the Parent Community section of our school’s website. The information and resources in this section are primarily intended for use by families with students currently enrolled at Anna-Lindh School.

A Family School 
Over the years, Annal-Lindh School has held firm to its belief in being a family-orientated school. Indeed, whenever we enroll a new student into our school, we are really welcoming a new family into our community. We share a deep commitment with our families to the continued growth and well-being of every student. We continuously seek ways to bring parents into the school and encourage you to share active and purposeful roles in the educational programs we offer.

Parents' Portal

One of the most important reasons for developing a new website for our school was to provide parents with up-to-date information about our programs, events and activities. A unique and specially designed feature of the site is the private community sections for students, teachers, alumni and parents.

All parents will be assigned an individual username and password  that they will be able to use to enter this protected section of the school's website. Within this private community we will post information specific to our current families. Parents will also be invited to create their own  personal profiles which will eventually provide you with an easy-to-use, yet very comprehensive parent directory.

In the future you will also have direct access to individual teacher/class/grade pages through the Parent Portal.

We want to make this new website the principal source for parents needing information about our school. It is an exciting prospect to have this information ready and available to you with just a few clicks.

We are currently aligning our existing databases to the new website. This is a major project, but one we are confident you will greatly value and appreciate when it is launched. In the meantime, information relevant to you as parents will be posted here for general viewing and access. Please continue to check in regularly so you are fully aware of latest updates and news from our school.